Making a free blog is simple. You can make blog using or Host it uses their platform, infrastructure, and restriction. Easy peasy.. Don’t want any restriction, use your own infrastructure. Buy US$12 domain, pay for hosting, deploy. Or you can choose free web hosting with unstable condition. Well I learn that Github offers you free Pages. Host it in Github… Booom… Free web hosting with awesome condition. Free hosting. Free SSL.

How much does this blog cost..? It is free… Free… Not really. I bought this domain for US$12..

Yeah. I’m using Github too. But I must make some extra effort to understand Github. I am no coding brain. Googling any thing free and easy deploy to Github. Use Siteleaf as CMS. Deploy simple static blog. Just like this blog. Screenshot_2019-03-16 Space Jam.png This is my static blog looks like (at first). Very simple. I will redesign this super simple static blog. But I need more time to understand Liquid.

By the way, I must say thank you to Github and Siteleaf for their free plan. It helps a lot. I hope you can build with your own ways for free too.